OneAfrica is a multi-genre, multi-platform television entertainment and media brand. 

We inform, educate, entertain, and connect our viewers to the world. We inspire our audience and bring them closer to the people, places hopes and dreams that matter to them. 

As a Namibian media and entertainment brand, we work hard to be accessible, honest, friendly, creative, interesting, and most importantly, an authentic voice for our community. 

Our omnichannel approach to marketing communications keeps us connected and in tune with our audience.

At 99FM, we want Namibians to be the masters of their own destiny.

We think every human has the potential to be brilliant in life if they truly apply themselves.

So, every morning we get up with one mission: To Inspire Positive Change.

And in between, we serve a whole lot of feel-good vibes and playlist only the best Hip-Hop, Afro & RnB

LearnOnOne helps learners go the Extra mile by providing Extra lessons for

Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary School. 

Lessons air on weekdays on OneAfrica, with on-demand lessons available on this website for those who want to watch anytime, anywhere.

LearnOnOne. Be Extra.

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