Madeline; the Office Hero

Madeline Nel, or Lientjie as she is known to the TribeFire Studios fam, might not wear a cape or have alien DNA, but she is a gentle kind single mom and the brains and fingers behind building and maintaining our brand websites. 

We asked Lientjie a few questions about the journey she has walked at TFS and how she got where she is. 

Marketing Team: How long have you worked at TFS? 

Lientjie: I have been working at TFS since Feb 2020, just before lockdown 🙁 My first role was actually as a bookkeeper. But in September 2021, with help from the management team, I found my passion in Marketing as the Business Development and Marketing Assistant, where I am mostly in charge of all our brand’s websites. 

MT: Gosh that is quite the leap from bookkeeper to such a creative and technical role. Why the change? 

Lientjie:: Funny story… TFS management could tell that being a bookkeeper wasn’t really what I was passionate about. They offered me to move to the Marketing Department and work in a more creative environment. That was the best move ever! I immediately felt at home in my new role and with the team. I am proud of what we have accomplished thus far. 

MT: You have done amazing things in recent months with the TribeFire Studios e-commerce site and OneAfrica streaming and building the new 99FM Site. Omake! What’s your favourite thing about your role?

Lientjie: I have no formal training in building websites, but I have an inquisitive mind. I like digging my teeth in and figuring out how things work. I have made so many mistakes, but I love that management trusts that I will figure it out and give our audience the best digital experience. 

MT: Who is your personal hero? 

Lientjie: My dad!

MT: Favourite Artist? 

Lientjie: Alicia Keys 

MT: Favourite nostalgia song?

Lientjie: “I didn’t know my own strength” by Whitney Houston

MT: Big hearts, Lientjie!!! You’re awesome.

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