When the Boss is gone

Our Hugo boss is out of town, soooo I took a seat in his glass office and tried my best to channel him. Nothing. I swung around in his green office chair. Nothing. 

So, I moved back to my spot in the busy office where questions and conversations fly about, where graphics and videos need approval. Take a deep breath, Zell. And here we are. I read through all the magical contributions from the team and I am amazed by the beautiful stories and spotting the heroes, big or small, among them all. 

  • In our positive NewsOnOne feature there‚Äôs a story our news team covered that helped inspire a community heroine to take up the plight of raising funds for a security guard to complete her studies,
  • We chat with Madeline Nel, our office hero, who was saved from a bookkeeping role and now teaches herself how to build and maintain our websites. 
  • LearnOnOne teamed up with and Think Human Being to present to kids, parents and educators in-depth research on what Future Careers might look like so our future leaders can make the best decisions in a world that is more and more AI driven. 
  • And the amazing Pupkewitz Megatech Renewable Energy team who remind us that the real hero of any business is making sure every sale goes hand-in-hand with after sales support too. 

Stefan can keep his quiet office, I like being right here in the middle of the action. Thanks team! August was fire. 

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